Oppose the Governor’s Budget Proposal to Lower New York’s Safe Anesthesia Standards
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New York is facing

a prescription drug abuse epidemic

The Governor's Budget makes it worse!

Since 2010 deaths from opioids have doubled with prescription pain relievers being a large part of the problem. Deaths in New York have increased more than any other state.

But while some of the brightest minds in the state work together to get prescription pain killers off the street, a little-discussed provision in the Governor’s Budget PART H Budget Bill A9507/S7507 would add 1,300 non-physician prescribers overnight, threatening to make this problem worse!

The Governor’s proposal is a bad idea at the worst time!

In New York, prescription pain killers result in more deaths than any other drug.

Deaths from prescription opioids reached a new peak in 2014, nearly four times the level in 2005.

Adding 1,300 new, unsupervised prescribers will only make matters worse!

The Governor’s proposal would remove physician oversight of opioid prescriptions by nurse anesthetists.

Current law protects New York’s patients

The Governor’s proposal would give 1,300 nurses full prescribing authority without additional authority without additional training

Just when law enforcement, physicians, and drug treatment experts are working to address New York’s opioid crisis, the Governor’s budget proposal would make it worse!

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Oppose Governor's Budget Bill A9507 / S7507 (part h)